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Default Re: Smoking Mint Leaves?

Originally Posted by Cnphoto View Post
As soon as i get my Nammor Hoses tomorrowwwwwww!
lemon/baking soda/vinegar the hell out of it. its gona be super plastic tasting. i got to the point that i couldnt smoke with it even after washing it some and had to stop and wash the hell out of it and just some super super strong flavors. even earl grey was getting killed by the bit of plastic taste left

i love my nammors but that is one of the issues i have with them, along with the fact they like to break apart (just had one die after about 9 months of use, i can glue it back together once i dig out my moms old glue gun (sucks being home for the summer and not having what you need where you know it is). i broke another one by dropping the port side on my concrete floor by accident but was able to glue it back together with CA.

god now im sitting here evaluating how many hoses i need to buy since i am tired of having some flavors ghost over since we are talking about hoses

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