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Default Re: Smoking Mint Leaves?

Originally Posted by Cnphoto View Post
well it didnt come its been stuck in Roanoke VA all day and im only in Richmond! and yeah the first thing im planning to do it wash them all out, a couple of people say theres this purple-ish stuff that comes out the first time you was it which im suspecting is the suspect behind the plastic flavor
idk for sure i think its part of the dye but even after you wash it and it doesnt come out black any more its pretty bad, 10-15 mins of washing though should kick it out, others have set it up where air got blown through it for a few hours and that helped too.

also DO NOT USE WARM OR HOT WATER, you have probably seen this before but if not it has a high chance of messing up the hot glue they used to assemble it. warm water would be better at kicking out the taste probably but of course cant use it

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