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Default Re: I love reading shisha reviews

No need to argue about it, it really comes down to as you said, being descriptive, and its to benefit those who DONT have that info.

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
Reading the previous reviews.

and when previous reviews do it?

If I was just stopping in quick to check I dont want to take the time to cycle through a thousand reviews to find someone who actually takes 3 seconds to describe it. thats all it takes, 3 seconds.

Stems and juiciness are more important to mention IMO but still, id say ether dont mention cut at all or do it right.

Originally Posted by kingboyb View Post

For all intensive purposes, the cut of the tobacco is irrelevant. I have never heard of anyone choosing not to smoke a tobacco because the cut was not to thier liking...

exactly. so why even mention it rather than mention it but dont describe it.

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
Well if we say "Small cut" or 'medium cut" how would newer people know that?

They will most likely start a thread about it, that's how.
"small" and "medium" are a little bit more descriptive to people than typical.

and yes, I know my videos are NOT DESCRIPTIVE but they are made more for comedic relief than to be the go to source.
If I were to sit in front of a camera for 7 min and be serious about it, by the end youd know all you could want to, but thats not fun for me to make.

We are referring to the people who make serious reviews who dont describe the product.

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