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Unhappy 2nd attemp with my new KM Hookah with AF :(

You may have read my first post about my new KM hookah session which didnt go well atall, i got nicoteen sickness from Nakhla and i burnt the shisha XD i still need to improve my technique...

This time I bought some Al Fakher Strawberry and used Coconara coals. After 10 mins of the coals being on my gas burner thingy they has ashed all the way round so i put them on and started smoking. I had just had lunch, so my tummy was all full up and i wasnt smoking like a train and i was drinking water (thanks for the advice guys) but it was still tasting funny and kinda harsh in my throat, so i ashed the coals and they were mostly black under the ash!!!!! I looked at the shisha and it was a little burnt and smelt fucking horrible!!!!!

I have been looking at lots of 'How to' vidoes of how to set up my hookah and i do know what i am sapose to be doing but im obviously doing it wrong still. I would take a video of how I set my hookah up but i dont have a video camera and I dont know anyone who does have one

So if anyone is a magician can you please try to help me out?? I really really want to get this right!!!!

Thanks HP
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