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Default Re: 2nd attemp with my new KM Hookah with AF :(

Ive never used that coal but by the looks of it i get the feeling its a wood coal that ashes alot and gets very hot. I get the feeling that your putting the coal in the middle of the head, its best to a few little pieces and have them sitting at the edge of the head, half on, half off so that you can smoke and not burn the top layer as you move them around every now and then. I suggest for this you use natural coals, i personlly like to use what people call the japanese coals, they are like a bar with a siver lining over them and when you heat them on a gas cooker the silver goes away leaving a hard red slab that lasts forever making it easier to have a few that you can move around. My second suggestion is that you use better flavours, Stick to AF and use things like Grape of Double apple (i hate apple but if you dont mind then its a nice strong flavour).

Remeber if the head gets to hot, take the coals off remove the top and blow through the bottom and allow the head to cool, the hotter the head the harsher the smoke. Apart from that remeber not to pack the head too much and make sure you flake the tobbaco in so there are air gaps between the leaves and take any hard stems out also make sure your holes are not too big, Cafes often put big holes to burn the shisha to get u 2 leave.

To be honest with you, Some people are stronger hookah smokers then others, I personally cannot smoke a good sized head on my own it gives me a bad stomach and makes me abit sick. Sometimes you just have to be in the mood for it.
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