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Default Re: 2nd attemp with my new KM Hookah with AF :(

Originally Posted by yeags777 View Post
you just have to experiment. I use 4 coconaras on my large funnel bown and I pack it (now) about even with the rim, maybe a little below it. I use an electric burner, so as soon as my coals are bright red, I put them on. I get huge clouds and rarely have heat problems.

back to my point, just experiment.
but i dont understand, i pack the bowl below the rim and i dont squash down the shisha, i use two sheets of foil with a 3 ring hole pattern.
I use 3 ******* hookah coals on my small phunnle bowl, as far as i know im doing everything 'normal' but it still doesnt tast nice at all and there is hardly any smoke, im just getting tired of 'experimenting' and it is still not working.
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