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Default Re: CH nats vs CH quick lights?

same thing with me yeags, always nats at home unless, i am in no mood to light them, or if i am somewhere i can't light them.
there definitely is a difference in performance, ash, and timing is always based on a few things(the weather, how frequently and long you pull on the hose whether you are using a windcover or not and even humidity) the nats ash much easier, i just drop them off the side of the bowl and into the tray and whatever comes off is good, usually everything on the nats, but sometime you need to scrape them off the QL's. As far as taste, every coal, nat or ql has some type of taste, just sme have a lot less. i don't taste anything on the nats, but on the QL's I do get some taste, however it's nothing like any other QL I have used.
It just depends on your preference, some people are totally fine with QL's exclusively or they don't have the means or patience to light nats.
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