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Default How Many Different Flavors?

Hey guys!

I know this is kinda a stupid question, but I was curious. How many different flavors do you currently have in your stashes? In the stash pictures thread, people seem to have alot of tobacco, but nobody ever says what flavor or brand or if there are multiples...

In my stash, I have:

1x 250g Pharaoh's
1x 250g HH
3x 100g HF
27x 50g HH (with 5 repeats)
9x 50g AW
1x 50g Nakhla
1x 50g Laylina
1x 50g AF
And 2x 250g AW, and 1x 250g SB coming in the mail.

Now, those numbers are not exact as I have been smoking all of them and they are at varying levels of fullness. But I like to try new things, so normally I'm ordering new and different flavors unless I am running out of one I really like.

What about you guys?
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