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Default Re: unsmoked sisha?

only time i ever save tobacco is if i packed up a tangiers bowl with tangiers and even then its rare. i pull off the burnt and remix it all if i do though.

but i agree that in general just toss it and pack more up. i usually dont even want to smoke a bowl more than 2 rounds of coals but usually only go 1 and dump it since my mod bowl doesnt go a full 2 rounds with the amount of tobacco it holds.

for the most part i dont get how people smoke bowls for much more than 1 round of coals, even with a bowl that the tobacco is still good in i get some issues with to much heat on the recoal and it just bugs me (maybe i should just pull the coals off and let the bowl cool to avoid this issue but honestly i could just repack and get a better smoke)

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