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Default Re: got new Fantasia flavor!

I got Adios yesterday - 200g TUB. When opening it i had a sniff and i thought... im not going to like this.. Set one up... as im smoking away, the thought of me not liking it very quickly went, the taste is amazing! A new fave for me..

In the past 3 days ive tried many different Fantasia flavours for the first time, this is how i rank.

1. Adios. 2. Incred Hulk 3. Strawberry Lemonade. 4. Blueberry. 5. Pink Lemonade
6. Cuban Majito.

Incred Hulk is compared on some forums of having the taste of Mountain Dew - good shout. Blueberry tastes like blueberry muffins, a nice desert tasting flavour. Strawberry Lemonade has a tingle to it and gives a nice buzz and a great after taste. Cuban Majito is not great but would be a good smoke before a night out as has that liquor flavour kick to it.
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