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Default Re: Nakhla, Who has best price?

i find packing nakhla just like tangiers gives the best results. Get a tang phunnel, stuff it in there pretty good. Not incredibly tight like tang, but tight. Just scoop with a fork dump it in the phunnel and make sure it is loaded full. When you foil press the foil down on the shisha. If you can see the hole in the phunnel being lined in the foil you don't have enough in there. Once packed enough, foil, and poke toothpic sized holes all the way to the bottom of the bowl (makes big holes) use 2 cocos cracked in half (4 halves) and smoke away, clouds are massive, flavor is perfect.

People always get scared packing so high the foil touches it. Nakhla and Tang are the only two in my experience that smoke better when done like this.

Try it before you knock it.
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