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Originally Posted by shishaholiC View Post
i have placed a order with TheHookah since the 25th of the previus month and the status has not changed since then. I was wondering if anyone else placed an order with them and still hasnt shipped.
I was thinking that maybe the status doesnt change for intarnational orders because Airmail usually doesnt have tracking.

I did not contact the vendor yet But if it doesnt ship untli monday i probably will.

Anyone else with the same problem?
I remember a month ago some guy made a review somewhere else about it taking a month in a half... but played victim cuz he never called or emailed him .. even though he did

I don't recommend ordering for them.. and they just sent someone a rusted km and ive heard of them doin this four time in the last 2 months

and dont order from them if u want fast shipping
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