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Default Re: Super Chief & Hose Question

The problem with the chief is that the coals do in fact bend the foil to the middle. This heats the smoke quite a bit more than anyone would like it. The tobacco must be packed high enough so that is prevents the foil in the middle from leaning all the way in. But, when you pack it high enough to do that, the tobacco is touching the foil and burns immediately.

Tight foil will do good in the beginning, but over time the foil has no friction against the surface of the bowl and no matter what you try to do, always bends in towards the middle eventually.

This can be countered by using long sticks of coals, long enough to rest on the edge of the bowl and not be leaning on the foil. This works pretty well, but the tobacco burns through quickly. You just move the stick along the edges of the bowl.
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