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Default Re: Doing Nakhla Mint Tonight. . . pick the mixer!

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
i feel ya, i work during the summer and get a little cash here and there for holidays so i was able to slowly stock up over the last 10 months, i would order coals and some packs of flavors every 2-3 months and i would go down to the local place that sells nakhla and grab a pack every once in a while. over time i ended up with like 20 flavors of nakhla and 6 of tangiers and about 5-6 other random stuff that i still have and smoke once in a while.

i did the math and with every thing ive bought (at least tobacco and coal wise) i spend about 2 bucks a day on my hookah habit, better than a pack a day habit, heck even half a pack with the current prices even here in va
-matt hookah intake would probably be under 1.00 a day. I mean the initial hookah and goodies were almost gifts to me, and i really dont use much shisha when i smoke. I have a few 250g's that i can mix with almost anything and i just mix those with random 50g packs and they last me quite some time.
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