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Default HP I love you guys

Hay gang i just wanted to say thank you to every one who has posted on my last thread and helped me out. I was in a very bad car accident and dunk and bigpappa and others are sending me shishia even though i never asksd for it. And i can even tell you how greatfull this makes me. Ive been out of work for a long time and cant hardly get around and money is tight so i was just trying to get opinions for a cheap order and i am just astounded how many people offered to send me shisha and coals. I DONT THINK I CAN SAY THANK YOU ENOUGH. This is the first online community that hase even really cared about anything of this nature in my opinion and all i can say is thanks and this is such a wonderfull group. I will for sure pay it foward and back 100x over as soon as i can. Like i said many times before thank you thank you thank you. I hope we all can do this many times over for thoes of us in our community. Also sorry about my spelling and puncuiation errors and so on im heavily medicated and for some reason cannot get the spell check to work on this VISTA unit correctly go figure (lol).

Thanks everyone
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