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Default Re: In a rut need some help

Originally Posted by 1lowtoy View Post
Its been a while for me on here, Ive been in the hospital and laid up with a broken vertibrate in my back from a auto accident. Ok here is my issue So being that ive either been stuck in a wheel chair or stuck on a couch and out of work for some time im sorta short on cash and almost out of shisha and coals. Im looking to try some new stuff and need to make every penny count i know there has been allot of new flavors out lately and ive read reviews but if you were to buy say 2kilos of shisha what would they be. a good smorgus board of flavor. I know this is subjective to opinion but i do value my fellow HP members opinions. Im not going to waist my time with listing things i dont want or still have some of but just wondering if any had some good ideas and a cheep place to buy shisha and coals from. Im only using quick lights so i dont need to rely on some one to get up and light them for me so any suggestions would be valued. Also if any had any samples of stuff i dont have that i could purchase cheaply i would be willing to do so or trade with what i have here witch isnt much but im very boared with what i have since i usually bought a kilo at a time of a flavor i liked now ive dwindled my self down to things i smoke but arnt my favorite. sorry for the long post and miss spellings. for some reason the spell check wont work for me on this vista unit and im heavly medicated witch dosent help matters any. Pm me if any one has some stuff to trade or sell please and post away if you have any suggestions of places to purchase from or good flavors to try. I do like fruity stuff but really do not like HH or HF nithere really smoked well for me.

hun PM me your address i'll send you my entire stash, im moving over seas to germany and i can only take 250g with me. its always a pleasure helping a fellow HP member out!
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