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Default Re: Just got my 1st hookah....

well i dont know what your price range is but if your looking for cheep Nakhla is best it is unwashed so it packs a bit of punch but good none the less ive only tried 4 flavors in the past of Nakhla and i always try to keep DA on hand all the time till reasently. You also can never go wrong with starbuzz in my opinion cause of its ease of setup and smoking besides a few select flavors ive heard about. I personally love blue mist in sb. also your headakes can come from several things may be your coals or not fully lit coals or really cheap coals from my experiance. Also many new hookah smokers experiance headakes from time to time like stated before it could be coals and not fully lit or you may need to pace your self. May be smoking to much in a day or to many draws in a row or to long. Take your time relax and enjoy your new found hobby just rember you proably should proably breathe 100x more are air than smoke. Also rember to eat and drink before during and after this also may help. smoking can dehydrate you. Hope this helps.
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