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Default Re: CLR can it clean your rig?

Originally Posted by 1lowtoy View Post
Sounds bad to me but some one has to be a guinney pig. If it contains any form of chlorine it turns to fosien gas when burnt witch is the nerve gas used in the world wars witch is a by product of burning chlorine vapor i belive. The same is true with r12 and r134 refrigerant AC leaks and running cars usually = monster headakes and shakes. trust me Ive experianced this and its no fun I would just stear clear. but if it works im game the steam on my km has changed to some funkey colors, as long as there is no chlorates involved.

your right chlorine gas is what hitler used in his gas chambers in the death camps but thats besides the point its also water soluble which means if you rinse it out and scrub it really good you should be ok
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