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Default Re: hey i need help

I do all milk or half and half milk to water ratio. My hookah doesn't really have this issue with bubbling up.

But Others do 1/3 milk to 2/3rds water, and some ever do only a few tablespoons of milk period.

As for other things to try in the base- Wine, (if you're over 21) Beer ?? (local hookah bar does this... dunno how it tastes though )

I've done orange juice,
lemon juice,
Kool aide (al sorts of flavors)
Coke (awesome with vanilla and vanilla coke in the base)
Lemon lime soft drinks (like sprite) with lemon shisha,
Hazelnut torrezno *the flavor syrup w/ hazlenut hh
Mint torrezno coffee syrup - w/ spearmint/ mint
Chocolate milk with chocolate HH

There are so many different flavor combinations that you can achieve! Good luck and let us know!

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