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Arrow Please tell me what u think of...

This order!


Fantasia - Pink lemonade
Fantasia - Raspberry Lemonade
Fantasia - Strawberry Lemonade
Fantasia - Blueberry
Fantasia - Pumpik Spice
JM - Tangerine
JM - Chocolate
JM - Butterscotch
JM - Coconut
Fusion - Apple Pie
Fusion - Vanilla Raspberry
Tangiers Lucid - Horchata
Tangiers Lucid - Orange Soda
Al Fakher - Pipe
Laylalina - Pomegranate

If u have experiences then please tell them.. I already have lots of SB Nakhla and AF so All these are new to me... except fusion raspberry vanilla.. I got it in a 50g sample.. Wow.. if anyone knows about it I really loved that creamy ice creamy phat sugar good tasting shisha.. Like u wanted to eat the tobacco... Mmmmm.. It was veyr good taste to ! I f u know any similair please tell ass well! Thx..
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