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Default Re: Acclimating some Peach Iced Tea I received today...

Originally Posted by Genie View Post
Wow, Tangiers is pretty good stuff, isn't it? How do you know when it's ready? Does all Tangiers have to acclimate?
its just to get it out of humidity shock, and believe me you know if it needs it, some times its not too off and might just need a bit but if its bad you know. all of the regular line "needs" to, i have gotten a bunch of packs that were good to go (im in va where its pretty humid too), my first few sucked and ended up as trash but after that its not bad. the lucid doesnt really need it usually

as to being "good" some like it some dont, its harder to use than any other tobacco and it will know you on your ass. its the only thing that gives me a buzz consistently any more. its flavors some times are more subtle and usually are not as candyish as other stuff but not as natural as nakhla.

its not a traditional tobacco by any means


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