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Default Re: Anyone else dissapointed with Hookah Hookah brand sisha?

I actually like HH, but I haven't tried those newer flavors yet. I have everything from 7 Spice and Clove to Root Beer, Rose, Blackberry, Lemonade, Cherry, and Mango. (I have 28 different flavors of HH.)

It's fairly forgiving, but how did you pack it? Coals, bowl, etc? I've noticed that a vortext very loosely packed right over the holes and then tamped a little so that you can see the holes with 2.5 CH nats works fairly well. Lots of flavor, good/decent smoke.

Bad batches are a bitch though. I have 100g of unsmokable HH Peach that is from a bad batch. Tastes like perfume and smells like... something that makes me want to puke.
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