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Default Re: Burning shisha too fast

Number of holes rarely matters unless it's extreme. Like say if you only poke ten holes or poked holes to the point that the foil was losing it's structure. Poking ten more holes or ten less holes is not going to make a big difference. I have never counted the holes in the foil and don't see a reason to.

Just poke three rings of holes with about an eight inch in between each hole and you will be fine. I use that set up on almost every bowl I have. Watch some of the bowl prep videos in our archive to get a good idea of what other people do.

The actual problem is that you need to let your bowl heat up and stop trying to force smoke out of it right from the start. If you pull too fast and too hard it's easy to over cook and even burn the tobacco. Let the coals sit on the bowl for a minute with a wind cover on before you take your first pull and you should be pleased with the results.

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