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Default Re: Using a dermal to cut your coals

Originally Posted by 1lowtoy View Post
Ya that sounds like a really bad idea but faster. I just use a serriated knife score 3 sides and brake them off. typicall brake pretty straight. I forget what its called but coal miners get a condition from exposure to coal dust so be careful how much you do that. Not that your exposure would be any thing close but cant be good.
coal and charcoal are different though, while im not saying charcoal is good for you or wont hurt you, i saw a thing on dirty jobs where a guys dad had worked doing charcoal production and mike was asking the guy who took over about black lung or what ever and the guys dad had perfectly clean lungs, idk how it worked out but what ever.

dremil just sounds like over complication, a band saw i can understand since you can cut the whole box at once

Originally Posted by faeriekitsune View Post
I can't attest to using a Dremel on coals, but when polishing metals with a rotary polisher and rouge, it gets everywhere. Your snot, spit, ears, hair, face, and clothing will turn blood red. Hence: WEAR SAFETY GEAR. Goggles and a facemask at least. Doesn't really help with the ears, hair, or clothes though. Bandanas help.. Covering your hair and ears.

This is what happens when you don't wear saftey gear, kids:

(Btw, no my hair is not actually red in front. I was digging this stuff out of my ears for three days. And this is why you should not wait to polish all your metalwork pieces the night before they're due. I spent eight hours in front of this thing... You can see where teh saftey glasses were.)
you used a bit to much rouge there (hmm didnt mean that to be a pun towards makeup but i guess it works that way too lol)

when ever i polish stuff at school i wear a face shield and respirator, it also helps that we have great ventilation

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