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Default Re: Addiction!

I smoke prob around 5-6 days of the week, I thoroughly enjoy it and can personally say I am not addicted. In fact, Ive never been "addicted" to anything in my life, it's just not the way I am. I have tried many things in life that would incite addiction in many people (cigs, rollercoasters, breakneck fast cars, drinking, etc etc) and although I did not have any bad experiences (many of them quite good) I never NEEDED them. Hookah could stop tomorrow and id be fine (although bored).

Now the definition of addiction may be diff as per individual.

Being able to relax 3 hours a day, that much during a week is a luxury for me and while I do not "crave" having the hookah, it is something I look forward too (I could just as easily sit and read a book for that period of time and be relaxed however it wouldnt be AS enjoyable ).

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