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Default Re: How to Clean an Unwashable Hose

ya unwashable hoses suck if you dont keep up on making sure they are blown out but like Hajo said the modern cheapo ones rot still.

i dont really wash my hoses, cant remember the last time i washed my nammors other than when i got my last new one. i have one i smoke chocomint out of then the other flavors i use in another hose because nothing else seems to ghost to much. how ever i know that if i smoked one flavor out of the same hose the flavor would get stronger (my chocomint hose i can pull on w/o it on a hookah and get almost full flavor)

when i get my new rig in aug i am going to buy 2 more hoses so i have a total of 5 nammors: choco mint, DA, mint maybe, general fruit, and heavy flavors, i will use the heavy flavor hose for my extra hose when people come over
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