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Originally Posted by Coldgr33ntea View Post
Yes, while i am smoking more frequently, i wouldnt call it an addiction. I have gone on vacations and trips that a 3 weeks long and i had no trouble stopping smoking. From what i heard, in cigarettes, there are chemicals in them that get you addicted to them more so than the nicotine, that is why nicotine patch or gum treatments to try to stop smoking rarely work, and thats also why people can get reluctant to switch brands or kinds of cigarettes because they are afraid that it might not satisfy their craving of those chemicals. Personally, i dont smoke cigarettes so its hard to tell you first hand about an addiction to them. But with hookah, stopping is really not that hard.

i know first hand there is some truth to this i have two friends who i smoke hookah with all the time and they both smoke cigarettes and most of the time they have to smoke right after smoking hookah and right in the middle of a sesson i have smoked atleast twice a week for a year now and i have no problem with it
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