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Default Hookak Style Guide

I decided to make a thread on how to identify what each hookah is (e.g. Egyptian or syrian) using simple words so every one can understand. Most traditional hookahs obey some rules that are just the way people made narguilehs in several countrys. there are ofcource exceptions, but generally thats how it goes.
Before i begin, this is the anatomy of a hookah

1st of all, the most common type is Egyptians
here is a randon pic off hookah-shshia

What to notice Stem: has those rounded conical whatever stuff and almost always the same heart.....
Vase : Egyptians always have this kind of vase, unless you change it........
Hoseport : its leaning down and usually has that ball thingy, usually have weld signs
General : no etchings , simple disign, big purge valve
NOTE : if its a scew-on its not authentic

Pic of my favourite from JandR
[img width=778 height=601][/img]

What to notice: Stem: Really good looking stems, etched, carved or chromed usually.More bell like heart
Vase : vases vary so dont rely on those
Hoseport : always straigh and the purge valve is smaller than E's
General : these are usually machinemade so no weld signs or so
NOte : screw-on = not authentic


The large glass myas fall under this category but bohemian doesnt mean Mya

plus you can find more here (from Jimmy)

What to notice: Stem : 2 kinds One is the lebanese, just straight stem and the other is cloisone style
Vase : (usually) Genie type and round-bottomed
Hoseport: straigh and plain + small purge valve,
Heart: Round

Modern hookahs vary a lot. The only 2 quality moderns that are well known are the stargate style ones (offered by taqsem and hookah-shisha) and acrilic mya's (am not suggesting that only those are well made but there are the best known, IMO always)

What to note: Stem: modern style , usually no etchings,sometimes chromed
Vase: not really a good criteria
Hoseport: usually straight but these vary
Notes: Most are screw-on usually have some of the fetures of a traditional one

Am pretty sure there are many other categories (iranian, indian etc) but these are not really common nowadays.
If you got any deatails on any other kind please help me improve this guide

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