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Default Re: Using a dermal to cut your coals

Originally Posted by 1lowtoy View Post
Ya that sounds like a really bad idea but faster. I just use a serriated knife score 3 sides and brake them off. typicall brake pretty straight. I forget what its called but coal miners get a condition from exposure to coal dust so be careful how much you do that. Not that your exposure would be any thing close but cant be good.
its called 'black lung' or Coalworker's pneumoconiosis and is caused by long exposure to coal dust. i doubt the brief exposure you'd have caused by cutting up finger coals would do much damage, although i wouldnt recommend breathing in the black dust. using a dremel seems like a lot of effort to me.. i find scoring 3 sides and snapping em in my hands as demonstrated in sambooka's video to be very effective. i also tend to break up alot of sticks at once to minimize the mess cleanup.
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