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Originally Posted by Genie View Post
I smoked ciggs for years and it took me 7 tries to quit--it was the patch that finally set me free. That was over ten years ago. I've smoked several cigars since that time but it never woke up the beast. Then, one month ago, I smoked my first hookah and it was like I was addicted all over again. Major nicotine buzz, much stronger than I ever got from cigars. Little Nicky was wide awake! I woke up the next morning aching for that nicotine buzz and, frankly, have been wanting it every day since! I'm all too familiar with that craving.

Sunday I finally ordered myself a hoookah and a wide selection of Saalaam and Hydro Herbal shishas. I will NOT get hooked on nicotine again, but I would love to smoke again. I don't miss being addicted to nicotine, but I do miss smoking. It was quite pleasurable.

I confess to buying some regular shisha tobacco as well, but only a bit. I will save it for rare and special occasions otherwise I'd be hooked all over again.
Be careful man, we wouldnt want u to start smoking fags again...Americans dont say "fags" as in cigarrettes do they...well you get my point
But still enjoy that hookah, you should be fine, a bunch of my mates smoke cigarrattes and the hookah never satisfies their cravings.
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