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Default Re: In Search of a Tangiers Master

Hmmm lets throw a monkey wrench in the conspiracy theory. guess what my all time favorite flavor is......................Tangiers K-Peach. I have been singing its praises for over a year now. Do a post search, I routinely tell people how I personally pack Tangiers and it works perfectly for me. Are all Tangiers flavors to die for, nope. Are all AF Flavors, nope, Nahkla, nope, SB, nope you see where this is going. So for all you conspiracy theory folks whom think that all HP mods are haters on Tangiers, get over it. A few of us actually like it, Sorry to ruin your fun. Now move on to a new conspiracy theory, how about the conspiracy to keep Husky out of the secret squirell room. Now thats a worthy cause to fight against.
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