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Default Re: Weird problem...

Originally Posted by BobMarley View Post
So this is how it went down:

Replaced the grommet with wet paper towels and got the taste almost immediately. So instead of scrapping the session like I've had to do twice, I just replaced the bowl with another I have... The session is going well now.

Has anyone seen or heard of their bowl tasting like total crap? I guess I have to give it a really good cleaning. It's the one that came with my Mya QT and it's the one I usually use. I always rinse it really well and I cleaned out a little bit of black stuff stuck under the bowl but not on the bowl before... So I'm confused in that department.

If it comes back again it's either the stem or, more likely, the hose. Neither would make much sense since I cleaned the crap out of the stem and the hose is very new. (Broken in, but still new.)
try boiling it with baking soda it should fix he problem
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