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Originally Posted by Fall View Post
If i cut open a cigarette on the other hand, Good luck identifying everything crammed in there.
I roll my own cigarettes with local smoke-shop rolling tobacco or smoke Nat Shermans, a 100% natural tobacco cigarette, and they are just as addictive and produce just as much tar and nicotine, if not more so, than big-brand cigarettes.

Yes, those extra chemicals and whatnot that Marlboro and their friends toss in cigarettes aren't good for you. People need to stop kidding themselves. Whether it's a Camel or an American Spirits or a rolled cigarette, whatever... You are breathing in fire, you are breathing in burning paper, your are breathing in burning tobacco. This produces carcinogens and tar and sends nicotine into your body.

Hookah is slightly different, but it's still not good for you, and don't try to diminish that fact. Just take it as it is. It's worth it if you think it increases the quality of your life!
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