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Originally Posted by Fall View Post
First, Fox News .

/Sigh, are we really comparing cigarette addiction to hookah addiction? Did you guys not see the movie "The Insider"? Its a true story about whistle blower in a cigarette company who speaks out about injecting there products with chemicals to make the effects of nicotine more addictive. When it comes to tests, there have been no inclusive studies that show hookahs contain more nicotine and are more addictive, they mainly try to show they are worse.

I've been smoking for a good three years now (half the time not knowing whats in the bowl) and I've never touched a cigarette. The logic in this topic says i should i be addicted, but simply i'm not. All i know is, when i pack a bowl of nahkla i know i'm smoking tobacco leaves in a molasses + glycerin coating. And if i wash of that syrup off i'll have yellow strips of leaves, straight up tobacco no ifs, ands, or butts. If i cut open a cigarette on the other hand, Good luck identifying everything crammed in there.
I can only truly speak from my own experience. The nicotine in the hookah was, well, it was freaking awesome. And I woke up wanting that buzz the next day. And I've wanted more ever since. Not the hookah experience, that wonderful buzz! No, I haven't wanted a cigarette. They taste nasty. I've considered slapping on a patch though! But I wont. The beast is awake but he's not uncontrollable. No more nicotine for ME. Not from hookah, it's too strong (wonderfully strong). Yet I did fine on cigars and that never woke up my nicotine addiction. For whatever reason, I get some major nicotine from hookah.

I won't discount the idea that they put chemicals in cigarettes that make them addictive. I wouldn't put that past any major company! I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to discover that I was addicted to those additives. I have done no research on it so I can't begin to guess. I can say that I was addicted to nicotine though and that smoking reminded my body, loudly and clearly, that I still am to some extent. It wouldn't take much to get me hooked again.

I do know that some people are naturally going to be more susceptible to becoming addicted to various substances in general. I'm a perfect example of someone who should never use drugs, legal or otherwise.
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