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Default Re: Lake Monster Moassel

I'm pretty surprised by the all the support and interest my business trips generate. Of course I do leave out all the boring crap like countless hours haggling over production quotas, logistics, power consumption and endless political/bureaucratic/economic forecasting blather so that helps I guess.

Some pretty neat stuff happened while I was hanging out at the cafe like meeting a local surgeon that has burns as extensive as my own but benefited from a far better grasp of English then my own. We had a good chat about tobacco/health issues and the evils smoking sugar cane. I really enjoyed eating baked black currents covered in an anise/vanilla paste and seeing the boats come in at days end. It was also cool to see men that work the river come into the cafe and unwinding with tea and tobacco. To me the toughest part of traveling to the places I do is missing a nice pint of ale with diner. Having hot tea or coffee after a long day of manual labour is totally alien to me.

Seeing the rhythms of life going on is always good and I get perverse kick from reading the surprised look on the faces of the patrons when they notice a stranger as exotic as myself doing something they assume I wouldn't know about.

As to stories, well, you guys haven't heard much since I've lacked the time to bang them out. One day i'll recount the penguins/skinhead/charcoal wrecking ecology adventure. Also, I had a great experience hanging out on a boat with this Avestan in guy in Babol Iran who I think knows more about Rocky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators then any man alive. That was something! Or smoking with a bunch of wierd bohehian types in the Underground Cathedral in the Wieliczka Salt Mine at 4am. Very weird way to pass the time.

Well, someone has to has to do this sorta thing stuff so why not me?
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