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Default Re: Vortex and Small Phunnel--Is There any difference

Small phunnel ftw. The depth of the bowl is perfect compared to the vortex, which I find to be a shisha waster. Lots of unused shisha at the bottom at the end of a session. I wish I knew how to mod it with clay to create some kind of donut shape I could put at the bottom of the vortex to raise the shisha and use less of it. The Vortex is not bad by any means, but it can certainly be improved.

The (Tangiers) phunnel, with its proprietary ceramic compound, tends to cook the shisha more evenly and maintain constant heat more easily. That means less burned shisha and harsh smoke. The airflow is also perfect IMO. Just don't reuse the foil or it'll get loose and stick to the hole, blocking most of the airflow.

tl;dr phunnel destroys vortex

I see some people doing a traditional hole pattern, like they would with an egyptian bowl, or some who poke a giant hole right above the phunnel's spire.... they are doing it wrong. This is how most people do it (it's a little chaotic but I was in a hurry):

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