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Default FDA to regulate tobacco now?

Sure looks like it! The senate has passed the bill, now it's going to the house, and then to the president's desk... A smoker himself!

I'm looking for an article now that doesn't pretty much say "YAY" in it and instead delivers some facts on the bill. If you want to read a stupid one, take a look at the first one that popped up on Google:

I don't have a huge issue with regulation per se (I think they should state exactly what additives are in their cigs, etc) but some of the things they WANTED in it are freaking ludicrous. These are two of the things they wanted to put in but couldn't:

-No more menthol cigarettes (they said it was racist)
-Cigarettes can't contain nicotine (they said it would create a black market)

I can't find anything else that they wanted and didn't get. But basically what it comes down to is the FDA can regulate WHATEVER THEY WANT about tobacco now. I am pissed to no end! They wanted the wrong thing, and they even struck those down in their minds for the wrong reasons? What the hell!

I should be able to smoke cigarettes with as many additives as I fucking want! Whether it be menthol, extra extra extra nicotine, burning agents, etc. And if you don't want those cigarettes, buy a different pack!
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