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Default Re: New tobacco law. Will it affect hookah?

i dont think its going to change much in hookah, or in RYO tobacco.

frankly i dont see why they even passed this since camels had the flavored cigs and those went off the market a few years ago.

i know people were worried hookah would get issues but from the way the report is written it looks like flavored cigs only not other types of tobacco (if they didnt get rid of other flavored tobacco the only thing that is going to disappear at 7-11 is dip and the shitty cigars no change in cigs)

i dont think it will effect the RYO just from the way the write up looks, i havent gotten to see the bill itself yet though

if the government tries to make tobacco totally illegal its going to be just like prohibition where every one still used it and got the law turned over

the thing that also doesnt make sense in that almost all teen smoking is not of flavored tobacco or cloves or what not its the general light, medium, reg, and menthol cigs

they need to make a law that says cigs can be made only from "a rolling paper/tube, a filter, and 100% tobacco in side" that will take away a lot of issues i think to start, not make them safe but probably not make them as bad


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