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Default Re: New tobacco law. Will it affect hookah?

Originally Posted by -Devil- View Post
even though they say cig flavors ... i can see it going after the small flavored cigars .. and to an extent even the flavored other tobacco that is out there (pipes and hookahs) ... what that means is companies will instead need to sell a squeeze bottle with the flavoring and such in it .. and we just buy plain old tobacco ... and mix it ourself to continue enjoying the flavors we enjoy ...
if they go after other flavored stuff dip will be very high on the list and i dont think the government is dumb enough to piss off a bunch of rednecks with guns.

ya i was thinking about the flavoring separate too

Originally Posted by faeriekitsune View Post
Could you put a filter in a bidi? Cuz if you could, that would be really cool. 100% tobacco cig.
probably i just dont know how well it would work

also no where do i see any limits on the flavoring at all, only that they have to be listed at least as spices or natural/artificial flavor which all hookah tobacco already does.


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