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Default Re: New tobacco law. Will it affect hookah?

hmm i didnt see that when i looked through, what section is that in?

and ya its really easy to get around it by just selling it on the side (not like there are any flavored cigs any more other than cloves which i honestly think is retarded they are getting rid of those since they were great cigs, the only thing i would think about smoking any more probably)

i kind of expect there to be enough of a complaint that some of this will get amended later after people that smoke cloves complain and when they see that this is going to hurt the tax revenue, cause honestly there are 2 type of clove purchases, once in a while and all the time, the all the time buyers are probably not going to switch to something else and the occasional smokers might either buy less or just buy regular cigs but either way the govt is still losing tax money

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