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Default Re: WTF is MYA thinking?!?!

its not the same glass as their old myas, jus by lookign at it you can tell it is different.. you don't have to be a glass expert. Mya did replace my pyramid.. it broke again in a month from the suction of the stem.. this time my friend was standing up and pulled the stem off.. made a popping sounds and the corner blew out. I plan on making a video soon..also the glass is soft., it doesn't have the extra thick glass on the bottom either.. glass that soft should also be atleast 1/4" thick.. eh.. just my opinion that the old myas are about a million times better.. i guess that letter mya gave us about the same quality no matter where they manfactured their hookahs was some kind of joke. I also know two other people who have had trouble with a pyramid and a diva. I have two other "old" style myas which are still running strong after two years of use.. and a little abuse ( brought them on top of mountains) but the pyramid has never made it off the kitchen table but i guess you live and you learn. On another note, I like the stem!.. the thing is fucking sweeet. but i will never buy another mya base unless it is one of the older style (basically everything that is not the diva, octagon, and pyramid.. and the pimp hookah looks like the same glass but i have not seen one up close).. i hear the qts are not as thick as they used to be either..
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