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Default Re: So just started doing my own hookah

Originally Posted by ChrisS View Post
Quick question how long will shisha last on the shelf if its in a glad type container?

I want to start trying new flavors but i don't want to get so much some goes bad. Anyways thanks for help and see ya around the site.

6 months is the accepted time limit for how long it will stay good once opened but that being said if it still smells good and smokes fine its still good, unopened it is "2" years but honestly people were getting expired al fakher from hookah john for a while (i got some leaking expired stuff from him as a freebie one time since he couldnt exactly sell it and its fine, its at least 2 if not 3 + years old and was not sealed since it was leaking but its fine)

i usually bag my tobacco up really well (with nakhla i empty it into a zip lock sandwich bag, get the air out, roll it up, put that in another bag, get the air out, put that in the box and put the box into a quart zip lock bag and that keeps it sealed pretty well for anything getting in)

even with the stuff i dont really smoke any more ive got it down that even if it goes bad i dont lose much (then again i smoke 2 bowls a night when im at school, used to do 3 a night for a while)

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