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Default Re: bowl repair?

Originally Posted by Shienhausser View Post
JBW resists I believe up to around 300*c HOWEVER I have a hard time believing that it would not give off fumes/smoke/taste while under direct heat from coals (wich get VERY hot). It's used alot in the auto industry where the previous concerns are not really as important in the engine bay etc.

It's a great product but Id refrain from using it on products used in inhalation and stick with using it for car repair. Could you not have built up a small layer of foil where the chip is so that it evens out? saving 12$ on a new bowl is not worth the risk of inhaling burning epoxy IMO.
their web site says 500*f constant 600*f for up to 10 mins and with paper burning at 451 i would bet that the coals around at least that much seeing as paper is wood

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