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Default Apology to everyone for pending Group Orders

Dear HPers,

I write this letter to express my deepest regret and apology to all HP members that have participated in the last group buy.

I find my self deeply burdened these days with the burden of family, recently born baby, arising demands of my job ...etc.

I just cannot find myself a single hour of free time. Even my presence on the forum has been significantly less than before, and I crave for a few hours of sleep or rest on a weekend, and I cannot afford that even.

I just cannot handle any more orders. And as for the pending group buy which is managed stateside by fatony612, I am sorry I will not be able to handle it.

I will ask fatony612 to refund all of your money .... and I will pay for the PayPal fees you have already paid (the 4.1%). fatony612 will send you back money so you'd receive the exact amount you've sent, and I will send fatony612 the 8% of the money he received so neither himself nor you will take any liability or assume any cost for the cancellation on my side.

Those who paid me directly via MoneyBookers or WU (Spiller and BIGPOPPA) will receive their money back and I will reimburse them for the transfer fees they have already paid, so no one is harmed by my decision to cancel.

Last but not least, my apology for this wonderful community and its members. I have worked my ass off before to provide you with everything I could ...... but right now it's just out of control for me, and as you know family - and especially the little girl - comes first, and I just can't. Please do not hate me for it.

Sincerely yours,

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