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I purchased the Leila about 4 months ago.. i go to school about an hour and a half from my house so i figured this would be a good investment for those tedious drives back and forth.. the hookah itself does get particularly hot, but only on the cover.. i originally tried using quick lights but they didn't get the tobacco hot enough.. after some experimentation i figured out that one coconara works perfectly.. if you have a box of coconaras, try to find the smallest one in there and fire it up.. i have it down to a science now.. from the time i take my first hit in my driveway when i leave, it keeps hitting until i pull into campus.. once i get to the big campus entrance sign the smoke begins to thin out.. my school is exactly 100 miles from my house so that gives you a little idea of how long a bowl can last.. unfortunately, my Leila doesn't fit in my cupholder in my car so i keep it secured between my legs while i am driving.. you'd be surprised at the size of the clouds that this baby will produce.. once you get the bowl going, with the right tobacco you get some massive clouds.. it will definitely get you a lot of double takes and weird looks from people on the road lol
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