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Default Re: New tobacco law. Will it affect hookah?

Originally Posted by glostersa View Post
Would be interesting to know what causes the other 70 % and why that is not addressed as a more urgent and dire problem than going after the Smokers. Furthermore it seems this is like the Gun law stating Guns kill people which is wrong it is Idiots with guns that kill people. Just as a Gun cannot get up and walk out the home and decide to kill someone. A cigarette or Tobacco cannot decide to give someone Cancer. The human body has cancer cells in them period all have it just in some the cells are more prone to be virulent it is called Genetics.
exactly, its misuse of anything that causes issues.

i would be hard pressed to think its 30% of all cancer deaths, thats probability half truth, maybe 30% of lung cancer deaths. smoking a pack a day came out to raise cancer rate from 1% to 7%, where as cigar and pipe smokers had LESS rate of cancer (due to relaxing).

i really want to see a comparison done of people that smoked a pack of cigs with modern mixtures to those that smoked cigs without all the additives and crap and see who is in worth helth, i would be the newer cigs would give more issues

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