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Default Re: Apology to everyone for pending Group Orders

Originally Posted by Rob416 View Post
ya... i wasnt apart of the group buy, but if some1 doesnt understand that family comes first no matter what then they dont diserve to be apart of this community.. well good luck Congrats on ur baby girl (first time hearing this) and hope everything mellows out for you soon.. take it easy..

Thanks a lot man for the support

Originally Posted by fatony612 View Post
Please don't do disputes I don't want this to hurt my paypal account since I do use it as my business account when I am not working full time.
That is what I thought it would do. I would never want to harm anyone's account or make them lose a penny, hence I sent you back in detail how much you should send to each member and I will pay the shortage in cash the way you see it suitable. I owe you $20 approximately.

Originally Posted by Kwikwi View Post
Do not worry about this Ahmad. I know how life can come at you and pretty much control everything. And how could anyone hate you Ahmad? You are a great part of this community and a good man for making sure family is first.
Thanks a gazillion for the kind words .... Really appreciate it
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