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Default Nakhla Qass Tutorial

Hey guys, just wanted to share another traditional smoke tutorial with you. Now I am by no means a professional, but I'd like to share with you what worked for me. After several attempts of smoking this VERY STRONG tobacco, I finally mastered a technique that served me quite well and I think you all will benefit from this just as I did if you have any Nakhla Qass lying around...

Get yourself a decent bowl. In my case, I used a Vortex bowl for my experiment. Sprinkle enough Qass in the bowl to find how much you need for a session. Next, dump the tobacco onto a sheet of foil and spread it out so that it's lying flat like a square. Next, take 1/4 teaspoon of honey and pour onto the tobacco evenly. Now wet your fingers and mix that honey in really well. (Glycerin would be great if you have that, but you don't necessarily need it.) Now put on the foil and use a thumb tack to poke 3 rings of holes if you are using a Vortex, otherwise use a standard hole pattern if you are using an Egyptian bowl. Now light 3 natural coconut coals. Place the coals on your bowl and apply a windcover. Let it sit for 5 minutes without taking a pull. Now take some pulls and be PATIENT! Patience is the key. If you aren't getting big smoke, just continue doing what you're doing and it will gradually build. You should taste all out flavour, regardless of smoke density. After 10-15 minutes, look and see how your smoke builds. If the smoke becomes unbearable, remove the windcover and make any changes necessary. Enjoy!!!

I hope this helped!

- Mohamed

P.S. Keep a drink nearby if you aren't used to smoking this stuff because it will knock you on your teezak and make you look like a narghile shaheed if you smoke it like Starbuzz
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