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Default Flavoring unflavored shisha


I was unable to find any threads regarding "how to: exactly" flavor my Salloum unflavored. There are posts saying you can soak it in a beverage and then air it out, but what exactly does the whole process entail?

I'm wondering:

How long do I soak it? (In my case, I'm using Newcastle beer and later some Red Bull) I don't want to lose all the nicotine! I hate washed shisha nowadays.

How dry should it be when I'm ready to mix in my molasses or honey and glycerine?

How much molasses or honey and glycerine should I use exactly, since it's going to be more moist (I'm guessing) than it would normally be?

And also if anyone has any tips or other questions, answers, etc they would be greatly appreciated.

I'd love to make my own shisha one day, just for fun and friends unless I have something spectacular on my hands. Who says Americans can't make shisha! (Though I do enjoy Tangiers. )

Also, while I'm on that subject, how goes your shisha making Sambooka? And anyone else for that matter?
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