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Default Re: what do u think?

1st of all, it comes from one of the most reputable vendors around and that says alot.
2nd, you are really lucky, i own this exact pipe but from a local vendor. This is an authentic handmade hookah from egypt. Mine was really well built, there are some visible weld marks in the hose port and the part the the bowl sits on. This hookah has no auto-seal, which i do not recomend anyway. and i highly sugest the 1 hose version of it. I own the 2hose and i always have the rubber-plug on to close the second hoseport. There is no point of getting a two hose cz only one person can be smoking at a time.

Anw on performance now. Mine really seals well and smokes like a champ. i own it for 11 month now i believe and it just started to rust out. I 've been smoking about 10 bowls a week, at least once a day which is heavy usage and the reason it rusted is too much vinigar when i washed it(before each session). anw 10 month of everyday use is good IMO and experience

I can assure you for the quality of the pipe but i vote against the 3 hosed model. If you can get the 1hose go for it.
Btw the hoses are not washable, somethink that mahir (nazarhookahs) will tell you
I suggest to ask him for a deal to replace the hoses with Razan washable hoses and pay the difference. (really worth it, i heard these are better then the NAmmor but havnet tried it myself)

Cheers, hope i've helped
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